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Mystery Strain $125 oz

4.59 out of 5

Mystery Strain $125 oz

1 oz : a $250.00 value for $125.00    Post your guess in the review section below!
  • 1 oz - $250.00 $125.00

Earn 125 points upon purchasing this product.

Use 12500 points to purchase this product!

The Mystery 125$ ounce contest for Summer 2020!

We are announcing our May Mystery Strain received no correct answer. As a result we have randomly drawn a name to win a free oz. Kirsten H. of  Sault Ste. Marie ON it is your lucky day!

Guaranteed one oz of premium AAAA cannabis, a minimum value of $200.

Enjoy this great deal and make the work week a little brighter, or if you fancy yourself a Cannabis Connoisseur you can put on your investigator hat and follow the clues to a reward (and the bragging rights).

Can you notice the subtle flavour notes?  Can you discern the subtle fruity fragrance of a classic hybrid?

Rules –

Each customer gets one guess per purchase to “Name that Strain”  

  •  You get 1 vote per purchase
  • You MUST purchase to make a guess
  • Post your guess in the comment/review section on the Mystery Ounce product page.

Winner receives an ounce shipped free to them.

*Product image not as pictured*

Did you dig it?

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  1. brandonbrueckman

    I swear the stain I receive was pyote cookies let me know if I’m wrong I will use my guesses

  2. Joshua Silvera

    Bubba og

  3. Vanessa De Boer

    Great High!! 😍
    Guess #1: Lemon Kush

  4. Vanessa De Boer

    Great taste, tight dense buds, citrus/woodsy aroma.
    Buzz is uplifting yet calming and very Relaxing.
    Guess #2: Citrique Sativa

  5. Vanessa De Boer

    The buzz keeps getting better and better!
    Guess #3: Lemon Pound Cake

  6. Chris

    It’s good….. quite tangy. My guess is Sour Diesel

  7. Rebecca Thomas

    I think I got girl scout cookies! That’s my guess anyways. Love it all around ❤️

  8. Rebecca Thomas

    I forgot to say *platinum* gsc

  9. Arceaus

    Is the mystery strain Blue Jelly?

  10. Greg P

    I’m guessing wedding cake

  11. Samantha Strickland

    Bruce Banner is my guess

  12. Heidi G

    good heady high without couchlock. fruity herbal fragrance. dense nugs with lots of orange.
    my guess is Kushberry, and a rather fine specimen of it.

  13. Kristen

    I am going to guess Comatose! Amazing bud 😍

  14. Heidi G

    fruity and herbal orange dense medium buds. relaxing but not sedating. I like it.
    my guess is a quality batch of Kushberry.

  15. Chad Cloutier

    My guess is comatose og. Thx

  16. Chad Cloutier

    Small dense buds orangiesh in color. Im guessing comatose og

  17. Jean Beriault

    Hi jus got mine today i believe it is green crack god

  18. Brandon Stobbe

    I was excited to get this but the bud seems really low thc.
    I wont be getting this again sadly.
    hybrid smalls are better..

    I guess its LA Platinum Kush

  19. Chris Karunan

    We’re going to guess Comatose OG.

  20. Greg

    Monster Castle?

  21. Kirsten Hall

    Alien og

  22. Casey

    Is the new strain Rockstar Tuna

  23. Stephanie Williams

    Is it moby dick?

  24. Steve Clemens

    Lemon Sour Diesel Cannabis Flower
    my guess.

    Nice!! Thanks for the contest

  25. remxninjuh

    Great weed my guess is pink kush and nuken

  26. rparsons71


  27. Douglas Fajardo

    I think it’s Thin mint cookies hybrid. Nice head high and relaxing.

  28. Jayson Summers

    Tastes great ..the first thing I notice is a citrus note! My guess is Comatose Og

  29. Jayson

    Fingers crossed. But I think this is “Cheesecake”?!

  30. Jayson

    First Guess is L.A Platinum Kush
    Second guess is Sensei Star

  31. Jayson

    King Tut!!

  32. Giovanna Winter

    I havent order it, by the looks of it, I would say green crack, sativa