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Hunni's - Magic Mushroom Chocolates 1g

Hunni's - Magic Mushroom Chocolates 1g

  • Cambodian - $10.00
  • Golden Teacher - $10.00
  • Penis Envy - $10.00
  • Burmese - $10.00
  • Amazonian - $10.00

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Hunni  Magic Mushroom Chocolates Hand Dipped (1G)

Hunni are magic mushrooms that have been handmade into delicious chocolates. Let’s face it: we love shrooms, but they leave something to be desired in the flavour department. Get that trip you’re after while satisfying your sweet tooth. Hunni Dips come in  vanilla flavoured white Chocolate and Chocolate varieties and if you’re a veteran shroomhead, you can choose from:

  • Golden Teacher
  • Penis Envy
  • Cambodian
  • Burmese
  • Amazonian

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  1. emilykeon2013

    My boyfriend loved these. The chocolate really makes it easy to ingest the mushrooms. Helps with his depression and anxiety. We will be ordering again