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Berry Blast CannaLean THC Syrup

4.00 out of 5
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Berry Blast CannaLean THC Syrup

1000mg activated THC/75ml
$50 $35
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Berry Blast CannaLean THC Syrup is bursting with sweet, juicy berry flavors and offers 1000mg of pure THC in 75ml. Add a splash of Berry Blast CannaLean to your favorite beverage and enjoy the blend of relaxing flavors. Canna Lean THC Syrup packs a big punch so use cautiously as a little goes a long way.

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  1. sean-koerner

    I smoke about a quarter pound of weed a month , about an oz a week. Edibles don’t really usually effect me much, this syrup here knocked me on my ass 5 star

  2. m

    not the best but not the worst ! the flavor isn’t really there, its more of just a bland tart and sour taste. really thick, doesn’t really mix nicely into drinks (due to consistency and flavour). I also wondered if it was going to work- eventually it does!

  3. Too neat

    My tolerance is very high but this knocked me on my ass , 10/10 would recommend