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420 Words on the Pink Rockstar Strain

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The Pink Rockstar Strain

Pink Rockstar is a 70-80% indica-dominant hybrid strain. It’s grown by crossing the potent Pink Kush and Rockstar Kush strains, both of which are highly popular in pot stores. You’re looking at 18-20% THC, so are in for a kick ass high. The parents are both heavy indica-dominant strains known for their euphoric properties. They boast strong physical effects and are loved by pain patients, people with inflammation and those who buy medical marijuana to help them sleep.

Pink Rockstar is a rare flower not often on the menu at Vancouver dispensaries. Your weed man might struggle to find this one at a fair price. Due to its rarity and potency we’re only selling by the 1/8th right now – you can try it for yourself here.

The Effects

If you struggle to unwind before bed or wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep, this is perfect for you. Enjoy a full body release of tension and a calm mind. It’ll relax you for hours and then lull you into one of the best sleeps of your life so remember to set an alarm. People eat up this strain for weed delivery to Toronto, so can help you sleep through city noise too.

Appearance, Flavour and Scent

Across customer reviews everyone was going mad for the taste of this weed. The scent starts sweet and citrusy on the burn followed by a satisfying earthy and musky finish with a hint of diesel. Think orange trees in fresh soil. The buds sport mint green leaves, well formed, and flecks of pink as the name suggests. You won’t be lacking for pinkish crystals either. These glittery trichomes will take you where you need to go.

Smoke Summary

The Pink Rockstar strain isn’t for before work or socializing unless it’s a sleepover. This is an evening, done for the day, relieve all my stress kind of weed. Feel warmth spread over you and then chill. The flavour and body buzz will put a smile on your face before a relaxed but contemplative phase and then a peaceful sleep.

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