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420 Words on the Granddaddy Purple Strain

granddaddy purp

Granddaddy Purple Strain Information

This is your granddaddy’s weed. The strain was introduced in 2003, a year many of you may not remember. The OC, chain wallets and two disappointing Matrix movies really sum up what that year had to offer. And without marijuana shops, taking the edge off was a challenge. But the wise grandmaster grower Ken Estes also dropped a strain that year named Granddaddy Purple (aka Grand Daddy Purps), and the world was better for it.

The strain is an indica cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, the former a fruity delight and the latter a high-yield behemoth. With its California origin, not too many Vancouver online dispensaries have this strain and when they do it gets snapped up fast.

The Effects

Many consider Granddaddy Purple a bit of a creeper. When it hits you’ll feel a heady happiness and your body’s troubles slip away. Get in a comfortable position because you might be there a while. Enjoy a dreamy state of relaxation coupled with a melty body buzz. If you’re a medicinal user you’ll find relief from pain, sleeplessness, appetite loss, muscular issues and stress. This is an evening strain, for sure, ideal for winding down after a long day.

Appearance, Flavour and Scent

As the name suggests, you’re looking at a strong purple colouring in the flowers along with plenty of white, dusty resin to top them off. Like Big Bud, GDP produces celebrated yields for growers around 55-60 days into its growth. Once it’s ready you’re down for one of the sweetest draws on the market. Fans love the juicy, sweet berry flavour. Some say you can smell the berries through the bag on the other side of a room. We don’t know about all that but this one definitely has a strong bouquet of berry, grape and underlying spice.

Smoke Summary

Granddaddy P might space you out for a minute or two. Then the strain will ease your pain, boost your appetite, initiate a dreamy euphoria and then nestle you in for a deep, contented sleep. Who could ask for more?

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